What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of mind that uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a state of heightened awareness. This state is usually referred to as trance or hypnotic state. We go through various levels of trance state every day when we automatically drive home but don’t recall much of the drive, “zone out” watching TV/computer and drift away. Hypnosis is just a deeper version of this where we actually get to work on things that are bothering you. In this state you are very focused, less distracted, and we can get the conscious and unconscious mind on the same page, so that you are no longer fighting with yourself internally on a particular issue. To do this work we go down to a medium trance level so that you are still aware of what is going on and are in control, just extremely susceptible to the suggestions or changes that you’ve been wanting to implement.

So many people ask me if they won’t remember anything and will be asked to bark like a dog. No, that’s stage hypnosis and is totally a different thing. You will remember everything, and rest assured you will not be doing any stupid party tricks.  Even though you may look sleepy you are really in a state of increased focus and awareness.

We use hypnotherapy to create a custom solution for you. We will address your specific issues and eliminate the subconscious blocks that have led to persistent problems such as stress, anxious feelings, fears, phobias, addictions with our effective hypnosis sessions. During hypnosis we can reframe negative thoughts into more positive ones, so you don't feel as overwhelmed anymore.

Some people don't know why they're feeling the way that they do. They may have done a lot of thinking but haven't found any solutions on where to start or what steps can be taken in order for things change positively, which is exactly why our goal here at Lasting Light Wellness isn’t just about telling you "what your wrong", instead we focus the energy on showing up differently so positive changes happen so much more easily than before when we were fighting with our unconscious mind.

We offer both traditional hypnosis as well as past life regression hypnosis. We have sessions in our Columbia, MD office location or online from the comfort of your own home.

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