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Kelly Neylan is the owner of Lasting Light Wellness established in 2002. She is at the top of her field in both energy healing and hypnosis.  She is a Pampamesayok shaman in the Q’ero Peruvian tradition and studied through the Serena Anchanchu Centre for Inca Shamanism in Peru among others. She is proud to own the 3rd Hypnofit(r) Brand Partner Clinic in the United States. She has received extensive and continued training in this proprietary hypnosis formula. We do hypnosis like no one else. 

She is a Reiki Master level in the following traditions: Usui, Karuna Holy Fire ®, Sekhem-Seichim (SHSK), Karuna Reiki®, Celtic, Kundalini, Lightarian, and Karuna Ki. She is an Adept through the Modern Mystery School. She is a foot, hand, and ear integrative reflexologist, chakra healer, Energetic Well Being Process (EGWBP) practitioner (advanced level proficiency) EGWBP works quickly to energetically release emotional triggers which in turn helps solve their physical manifestations in the body, Bioridian practitioner (Bioridian is much like Cherokee Crystal Healing), and an Access Consciousness Bars practitioner.

She is a traditional as well as regression hypnotist. Kelly helps people with lifestyle and personality issues such as addiction, public speaking, self-esteem, phobia/fears, weight loss, smoking cessation, etc. She can make a custom script for whatever your concern. She holds three separate hypnosis certifications.  She is also a certified past-life regressionist. Her unique background in energy work, intuition, and mediumship allow her to take you places that you never dreamed of…..past lives, the life between lives, the council of elders. 

She is an aromatherapist that can assist you with finding natural essential oil-based solutions to your pressing issues. She can also turn your home into a safe green one that smells fantastic and is non-toxic as well. Are you looking for more natural based products for your home and body? She has everything from pet care, athletic performance, supplements, CBD, essential oils, and beauty. 

She is also a semi-retired nationally registered yoga instructor. She teaches light to light yoga (prenatal, mom & baby, children, teens, adults, yoga wall, SUP indoor balance board, and seniors). She is the former head Yoga Wall trainer and Mind-Body Manager for the Columbia Association and The Haven on the Lake. 

Her background in healing, hypnosis, and yoga lends a unique perspective to releasing stuck emotions and energy blockages as well as aligning the body's energy centers for optimal balance. 

Before she began her life working with the light, she was a stockbroker and IT analyst and holds a BS in Marketing and Management and MBA in Finance, Management and International Business. Earlier she was also a Professor of Entrepreneurship and the owner of an eco-friendly yoga inspired apparel line.

Now you may be asking, how did I get here? How did I go from stockbroker to shaman to hypnotist? Along with life’s twists and turns, I had my own health healing crisis and after going to the best doctors in the country I was no further down the path to healing than I was when I started. After exhausting convention medicine, I turned to alternative therapies and started with yoga and Reiki to heal my body. I had such a great healing, and I was so excited about it that I changed my whole life and gave up my corner office job in order to follow my passion for helping people to find wholeness and wellbeing in their life. Then my clients also wanted solutions for personal and mental challenges in order to help get them unstuck. That's when I started to offer hypnosis and I realized what an advantage all my other skills brought to the table in this transformational modality.  I love providing the vehicle for change in people's lives.   


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