When I took my first yoga class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that yoga was supposed to be good for reducing stress and increasing flexibility, but that is all I really knew about it. After finishing my first class, I became really fascinated with yoga and wanted to learn more. I decided to continue taking classes and to find out as much about yoga as I could. I discovered the eight limbs of yoga, the chakra energy centers, meditation and more. Over time, I felt my body becoming stronger and more flexible. Then one of my instructors suggested that I look into becoming a teacher, I had never thought of it before but the idea interested me so I always kept it in the back of mind. Then when the time seemed right I started studying to become a yoga teacher and I’ve been learning ever since.

Yoga has brought a sense of peace and balance to my busy family life and I want to share my secret for happiness with as many people as I can.

I have studied under a variety of instructors and at various institutions over the past decade. I have been influenced by the following Hatha and lyengar teachers: Bob Glickstein, Mary Frankos, and Debbie Jensen. Kripalu teacher Mandy McMahon. Anusara teacher Karen Angeline. As well as taken classes at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts ( and participated in several other yoga intensives, specialty yoga classes, and retreats. I have completed a Hatha yoga teacher’s certification class through the Temple of Kriya Yoga ( based in Chicago, IL. I also hold a 200 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher), E-PYT (pre-natal), & E-CYT (children's) certificates from Yoga Alliance ( the largest and most recognized yoga organization in this county. I am also a Level III Radiant Child children's yoga instructor ( I also hold a 30-hour certificate in yoga birth and pre/post-natal yoga from Mary Barnes and the Barnes Method.  

The secret is to find a balance in one’s life. People of every age group, religion and culture can practice and benefit from Hatha Yoga. The gentle stretching movements of asana can make your life less stressful, bringing deep relaxation, peace, and greater flexibility to your body and mind. Yoga enables us to live our lives at a higher and more fulfilling level.

What is Yoga?

The word yoga in Sanskrit means to join together or to unite. It is an appropriate description because yoga's principles are based on the notion that the body and mind are one and cannot be separated from each other. Asanas (Hatha yoga postures) are one of the eight limbs of yoga as described by Patanjali, in The Yoga Sutras (this text is considered to be the authoritative text on Yoga). The ultimate goal of yoga philosophy is complete self-knowledge. The practice of yoga is thousands of years old; an exact date is not known since it was an oral tradition prior to being written down.


The eight limbs of yoga as described in The Yoga Sutras are:

  • Preparation for Practice (yamas & niyamas) - These include turning away from self-centered habits, cultivating habits and qualities that generate energy, and studying the ancient teachings of yoga.
  • Postures (asana) - By performing Hatha asana we bring our physical systems into balance. This is what most people in America define as yoga.
  • Breathe Control (pranayama) - Is the use of diaphragmatic breathing (and other techniques) to direct the flow prana (life force energy) in our bodies to bring about calmness and clarity.
  • Preparation for Meditation (pratyahar) - The practice of turning the negative into the positive in ones life. By doing this we bring equilibrium into our lives. This is accomplished by practicing specific rituals, sounds, and postures that concentrate on this practice prepare us for meditation.
  • Meditation (dharana & dhyana) - The practice of concentration on an object (word, saying, or mantra) in order to achieve a meditative state and eventual quietness of the mind.
  • Natural State (samadhi) - Reaching an enlightened state of oneness. When we do this we have reached the goal of Yoga.

Private Yoga and Events

We are glad to custom create an event for your particular audience and needs at your location.  We will tailor an event to your specifications. Custom pricing contact us to schedule.

Examples of Events:

  • Yoga Spa Day Party
  • Girl’s Night Out
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Pre-natal Yoga Baby Shower
  • Yoga Bridal Shower
  • Girl Scout Troup (Yoga & Meditation Badges)
  • Yoga for Retreat Events
  • Private Couples Yoga
  • In school “field trip” yoga classes
  • Corporate Retreat
  • Office Meeting Stretch Break

Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga

Reducing Stress and Bringing Yoga into the Workplace

Corporate Yoga is being embraced by many mainstream businesses. Businesses are getting larger returns by offering wellness programs. This preventative health technique helps reduce stress for your employees. It is a low cost perk that you can offer in order to increase productivity and make them feel great.

The purpose is to help convert the stress and fatigue felt in your workplace into attentiveness and endurance thus producing greater work productivity.

Corporate Yoga in the Workplace

•           Burnout costs businesses an estimated $12 billion every year in health claims, lost productivity and absenteeism

•           Job stress creates up to 60% of employee absenteeism

•           For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits

•           Employees who report a high degree of stress in their lives miss twice as many work days as employees who report a low degree of stress

Sources: Conference Board of Canada/C. Cooper& R. Payne/U. of Michigan Research Centre/Conference Board of Canada

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for Employees

•           Reduced stress and anxiety

•           Increased energy

•           Decreased fatigue

•           Better posture

•           Improved health and decreased risk for disease

•           Improved mood and outlook

•           Improved flexibility and increased physical strength

•           Better breathing

•           Reduced muscle tension and pain for sedentary workers

•           Improved digestion and circulation

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for Businesses

•           Increased productivity

•           Decreased health care costs

•           Improved employee retention rates

•           Decreased employee absenteeism

•           Better job satisfaction

•           Increased energy, mental alertness, and positive outlook

What You Will Need:

All you need to provide is the space (conference room, lunchroom, spare office, gymnasium, etc.). Each participant will need a water bottle, comfortable clothing and a yoga mat or towel. All other yoga props will be provided.

All of our instructors are Yoga Alliance certified and trained in CPR.


Our yoga classes are designed to fit the needs of the individuals in each group. Most of our classes are all-levels and are suitable for anyone, even beginners, additionally we can even accommodate those who are pregnant.


45-60 minute class:

$150 per class unlimited number of participants at your location.

Other class lengths are also available please contact us to custom design a class for you.

Who Pays? Choose from...

1. Full subsidy: Employer offers the classes free of charge to the employees

2. Partial subsidy: Class fee is shared by employee and employer.

3. Hosting: Employer offers a space in the office for the class time and employees individually pay for classes.


Q. Why do yoga in the office rather than at a yoga studio?

A. Practicing in the office eliminates travel time, helps relieve stress, and promotes a sense of community.

Q. What if our office has limited space for yoga but we still want to participate?

A. No problem, I can offer a private class just for your employees off site.

Q. Do our employees need to have yoga experience to participate?

A. No, all classes will be taught with the beginning student in mind but offer multi-level postures to keep even the experienced student challenged.

Q. I heard that in yoga you need a hot room and sweat a lot.

A. No, we offer Haltha Yoga classes; this is not hot yoga or Bikram yoga. Corporate yoga classes are taught with the requirements of an office environment in mind.

Q. Can we sign up for a trial run?

A. Absolutely, I recommend scheduling an initial six week session.

Corporate Events

Corporate Yoga Workshops

We offer one-time workshops at a reasonable price, customized to best fit your needs. Perhaps you might like to offer a one-time Stress Management Workshop, Meditation, or Yoga at Your Desk. We are committed to providing you with a superior program tailored specifically to your organization.

Health Fairs/Wellness Events

Do you need presenters at your next health or wellness event? We can tailor an exhibit or demonstration just for you.

Corporate Energy Healing

Are you employees stressed out, sick, missing time at work? Providing on site holistic care can save you dollars and time.

Your employees will be raving about how great they feel after a session and they will be so much more productive. 

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