“I cannot believe how life changing my hypnosis session was, it really helped me make the leap into positive change in my life” - Macy


"Kelly was amazing. I would highly recommend her. She has so much experience...she really knows what she is doing. She made me feel at ease and I could completely relax. I felt amazing after my energy healing session. Thanks, - Kelly!" -  Shellie


"Kelly is a gifted and powerful energy healer. I have experienced healing sessions with 20 or more energy healers, and she has the strongest energy of any of them. She is also an outstanding yoga teacher. She is kind and extremely intelligent. I can't say enough good things about her and her abilities." – Stephen


“I can’t believe that’s it’s already been 3 full smoke free days for me. I’ve never been able to do this before. It’s a new lease on life and my health. Why didn’t I try hypnosis before?” - Kathy


"Kelly is a wonderful practitioner and person in general! I went to have an energy healing treatment and will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family." – Fatima


“The shaman classes were lifechanging. I wanted to become a shaman, but I had no idea that I would personally be clearing out my own stuff and receiving such healings through the process as well. Very transformative experience.” – Heather


"The experience that I had changed my life completely. I was unsure of what to expect during the appointment, but she put me at ease as to what would take place, all of my questions and concerns were answered to where I was able to understand. During the intake portion I explained my concerns and experiences and based upon those helped me pick out areas that would be the best to achieve my goals. During the procedural session, she went over what would take place, some feelings and experiences that I may encounter and went over with me in great detail after the session of what the results were, what experiences that I may feel over the short term. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of the experience and would recommend it to my family and friends." - Carl


"I took two Reiki workshops with Kelly, and it was a life-changing experience. She creates a comfortable environment for her classes, and I always left motivated and energized. Her class manuals have been extremely useful and thorough." - Leticia


"Kelly is a great teacher, she helped me through my journey to become a Reiki Master. Her loving, caring personality made the experience more spiritual and enjoyable. I recommend Kelly to anybody that wants to learn more about Reiki." - Rosa


"Kelly's ability to pinpoint areas that are of concern to me was very impressive. She made me feel comfortable with the process and explained everything that I felt afterwards. My first Reiki session and I will be back!" - Casey


“I whole heartedly enjoyed my session! Kelly uncovered some inner issues I needed to resole. The atmosphere was great, her technique and knowledge are very professional loving, and effective! I will definitely go back again. “ - Stacey


"I had a wonderful experience working with Kelly. I always feel like a new person after meeting with her. Kelly is a true professional, and I look forward to our visits. I highly recommend Lasting Light Wellness!" - Melissa


"Very positive healing experience! After an hour I felt lighter and more clear-minded. After the session, I was given very helpful feedback and specific things to do on my own. I highly recommend Lasting Light Wellness." - Jen

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