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Want to Order?

Did you like what you saw in the video and want to order some of the products mentioned? 

If you already have have a Young Living account simply log on and order (consider setting up Essential Rewards and doing it monthly).

If you are new to Young Living and need to set up an account. Go to upper right hand corner and click Place an Order (this will autofill my seller number) or go to become a member and fill in my seller number in the Sponsor and Enroller spaces 3977600. Click yes to order with Lasting Light Wellness when prompted. 

You have to two choices Retail Order (one time, pay full price)

Wholesale/Member price (no I don’t like this name it’s confusing) all this means is that you are going to purchase of the kits that I told you about the Premium Starter Kit (12 oils and diffuser), Ningxia Red supplement kit, Thieves (home and body) kit, Savvy Minerals makeup kit. 

Select your kit and set up your account.

Seriously consider setting up your first starter kit order with Essential Rewards (monthly make your own box plan) you will earn $10 in points based on the kit purchase for doing so. Stay in the plan for 2 more months ($50 a month) and you can then cash out your points or choose to stay in the plan and earn more. It’s a completely optional plan that you can change at any time no strings attached. 

Have a problem ordering? We would be happy to help you. Simply email us at or text us at 410-446-2544. 

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