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We believe in the freedom to live the life you choose. That means feeling empowered, inspired, and connected—at peace with the everyday. For a limited time, we’re sharing the Freedom Sleep™ and Freedom Release™ bundles in a single collection: a selection of oils to reach for when finding balance is your number-one priority. Featuring only Young Living exclusive blends, these selections have been carefully curated to create two of YL’s most coveted collections. Find your freedom with a wide range of inspiring aromas. The bundle includes both of the following collections:

Freedom Release collection
15 ml Freedom essential oil blend—Use this complex aroma on its own to help boost your positive energy or combine it with the other blends in this collection to enhance its benefits.
15 ml Divine Release essential oil blend*—Select this warm aroma for your diffuser to harness your most gentle characteristics.
15 ml Joy essential oil blend—Use this bright floral scent to spark—well, joy!
15 ml T.R. Care essential oil blend*—Breathe deep and enjoy this transformative aroma.
15 ml Transformation essential oil blend—Diffuse this herbaceous, woodsy blend when you’re ready to swap negative thoughts with uplifting ones.
Freedom Sleep collection
15 ml AromaSleep essential oil blend*—Diffuse this gentle blend at bedtime.
15 ml Freedom essential oil blend—Enhance the blends in this collection or use on its own to feel centered.
15 ml Inner Harmony essential oil blend*—Inhale this luxurious blend when you’re seeking balance and spiritual awareness.
5 ml Valor essential oil blend—Feel empowered when you diffuse or apply this grounding scent.
*Collection exclusive


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